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The World is Sound.  When you think about it, everything around us is made of vibrations.  Every subatomic particle moves with its own frequency.  People spend their whole lives trying to live in harmony with these frequencies.  As we reorder the atoms and, in essence, make new arrangements in our universal songbook, we need to change and adapt.
For millennia, yoga has been one of the keys to helping people deal with the daily grind.  Yoga chitta vritti nirodha – the first line in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra says that yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.  Once the mind is still all of the other wave patterns become apparent.  The sound is not silence.  The Vedics called it the Om.
Over the last six decades reggae music has risen out of its modest island home to conquer the world. Everyone from every corner of the world claims it. It has crept into the mainstream and been accepted into every level of society. It is music born of oppression and slavery, yet it has the ability to soothe the most wealthy and privileged. It can put a stadium into the most joyous of moods and at the same time foment an uprising. All of this fire and passion from a simple heartbeat of a rhythm, rarely using more than three chords.
With dubYoga, I hope to use the Om as a springboard to explore dub, reggae and the universality of the impact of those Jamaican musics. Yoga has become universal, reggae has become universal. I see reggae as a form of yoga. I’m hoping that by bringing them together in my own life, I can explore the world.

About Dunia

dubYoga is my springboard to explore the universality of yoga and reggae and the intersection of the two in my life and in the world.
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