Since my son started going to school at age 3, he was known as the very bright active energetic kid that had to be watched.  In one ear, the teachers would say something negative to me every day about his behavior and in the other ear friends and family would say, “He’s a boy, he’s supposed to do these things.”  I resigned myself to getting a great cardiovascular workout for several hours each day.

Last month my son entered second grade.  He had a difficult year last year, but we chalked it up to lots and lots of change.  We moved a number of times and my husband changed jobs.  So we gave him a little bit of a pass, thinking that our recent stabilization would help him out.

We also discovered a lot of food sensitivities in our family, like gluten and food coloring and refined sugars.  So we made our house gluten, food dye and (mostly) refined sugar free.  I decided to devote myself to homemade lunches for school and no day camp.

I gave him a lot of attention and focus and interesting activity over the summer.  Things seemed to even out with his behavior.  Everyone mentioned how much better behaved and mature he was acting.  He was more confident and noticeably happier.  When we got the notice about who his teacher would be and when he’d be starting second grade, he was nervous, but we felt confident he could handle it.

The other night, however, we received a call from his teacher about his behavior having gone “over the top”.  He had trouble staying in his seat, talked constantly to the other students, and sometimes would not do his work.  Panic.

Last year we brought him to see a therapist who diagnosed him as ADHD and recommended medication.  I am very much against pharmaceutical intervention.  But when all of our other methods seemed to have failed, I almost saw the use.

In desperation, I dialed ADHD homeopathy into my search engine.  The first thing that I saw was a page listing homeopathic remedies for all different kinds of ADHD in children.  After more in depth research, I chose 3 different remedies and went in search of them.  I only found one of them, Lycopodium, in my local Whole Foods, so that’s the one I tried.

I started treatment yesterday afternoon.  His violin lesson went pretty poorly, but I figured there had to be an adjustment period.  This morning, he awoke in a peaceful mood, sat down to eat his breakfast the ENTIRE TIME (perhaps a first), hustled out the door to catch the bus without dawdling, dragging or complaining and said “I love you” to me upon departure.

We’re meeting with his teacher this afternoon.  I’ll keep you posted.