Every Day is Like a Holiday

Happy Gregorian New YearThe end of the Gregorian calendar brings a lot of the world into a celebration and contemplation. What did we do well? What will we do well?

Each day is technically the beginning of a new year, so why wait? Reinvent yourself every day.I’m a big list maker, so I will most likely follow the tradition of burning a list of things I want less of and making a list of things I want more of.  My late Aunt Cookie taught my mother about putting a list away somewhere and forgetting about it so at some point in the future you can find it by accident and see what was done and not done. I’ll probably do it all again on the lunar new year.

Whatever your tradition, have fun. We always have this moment. Every day is your first day. Make it a party.

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dubYoga is my springboard to explore the universality of yoga and reggae and the intersection of the two in my life and in the world.
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