IMG_1061Hooray!  Ayurveda is making its way around the Western world. Practical remedies to make every day smoother is starting to make more sense to us than visits to the hospital when ever something goes wrong. My 5 favorite things to do daily are simple and make it easier to manage a hectic daily life.

1. Kavala Graha

I wrote about this remarkable cleansing technique last year. Oil pulling not only clears your teeth and gums, but it cleanses your whole body by drawing toxins out through the salivary glands and skin inside your mouth.

2. Jala Neti

Jala Neti is a cleansing technique using a pot of warm salty water to clear built up particles in and around your sinus area. I use a larger metal neti pot, which is easy to sterilize. I fill it a third of the way with boiling water, dissolve my medical grade salt then fill the rest with cold fitered water. I pour half through my right nostril, then half through my left. The final step is to drain the nasal passages by bending forward, breathing in deeply through the mouth and exhaling strongly out of both nostrils. Blowing your nose or holding one nostril at a time can lodge draining particles into those clean sinuses and cause infection.  Jala Neti helps stave off nasal alergies and colds and frees your mind up for deep thought.

3. Golden Milk

Golden Milk is made by blending turmeric with warm milk. Turmeric is anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. Taken daily, it helps me maintain a strong immune system year-round. I usually add a heaping teaspoon of raw honey as well as some cinnamon and a clove or two. It’s truly delicious.

4. Surya Namaskar

The sun salutation is a basic building block of a yoga practice. Even two or three each day invigorates your lymphatic system, regulates your blood flow and keeps your joints and muscles functioning optimally. A daily round of sun salutes helps focus my mind and body and keeps me humming all day long.

5. Meditation

Especially in our heavily mediated, high functioning society, we need down time to help us process all of the physical and mental material coming into our personal circle all day. Five to ten minutes of meditation, either in bed, in the shower, at the desk, or on the yoga mat can broaden your perspective, help focus your daily intention and calm frazzled nerves.

Most of what I learned about ayurveda comes from an amazing book Ayurveda: A way of Life: Scientific Explanation of Ayurvedic Wisdom and its benefit for Body, Mind and Society. Dr. Verma is a medical doctor as well as an ayurvedic doctor. Her book is a great resource for anyone desiring to go deeper.

To your health and longevity!