You Put WHAT in Your Coffee?

coconut oil in my coffeeCoconut Oil.  I put coconut oil in my coffee.

Let me explain.  I really like coffee.  Especially the Fair Trade non-GMO organic dark-roasted kind.  (Yeah, okay, I’m one of those.)  You can imagine my delight when each new discovery about the benefits of coffee uncovered: lowered diabetes risk, increased mood, antioxidants, amazing smell and of course the deliciousness.

Coconut oil also has amazing benefits:  it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal and it contains medium-chain triglycerides. Yes, triglycerides.  I know, I said it too: “Isn’t that bad?”

Long chain triglycerides, which are measured by your doctor, and found in animal products are bad in excess.  But the medium chain triglycerides are incredibly useful. Studies have found that our brains use medium chain triglycerides with greater ease, making neurons function more smoothly.  ” [U]se of MCTs by people with type 2 diabetes might improve insulin sensitivity and aid weight loss.”  according to one study. They are more easily digested than other fats and are an incredible boost in the morning. They also increase the impact the good parts in coffee have on your system by allowing them to pass more easily into your bloodstream from your gut.

Other good fats to put in your coffee are grass-fed butter or ghee or MCT oil.  For more info on boosting your coffee experience, I suggest getting into  I have become nearly religious about that guy’s podcasts.

So, yeah, I’m putting coconut oil in my fancy coffee.  I have found my energy and appetite increases more even throughout the day.  Does it change the taste?  A little.  But I kind of like it.  It’s also good in teas like yerba mate and green tea.  Enjoy!

“One Cup Of Coffee”


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2 Responses to You Put WHAT in Your Coffee?

  1. I love a good cup of coffee in the morning! We buy our coffee beans direct from the farmer, roast them ourself, and grind fresh each day to brew in a all glass Pyrex pot on the stove! I take my coffee real seriously! As for the coconut oil ~ I love the stuff! I put in on my hair, skin, bake with it, and put in my blueberry, almond smoothies! Believing I was getting all the wonderful benefits you mentioned.
    Until, recently, I read: Eating Right for Your Blood Type. I’m type A+, and sadly coconut oil is an AVOID. Though, It’s Highly beneficial to blood type B. So if your the latter, Coconut oil away and enjoy your morning brew! Om Shanti OM

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