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Response to Racism in the Yoga Studio

I can’t be silent. Today, the blog xo Jane posted an article written by what can only be perceived as a closeted racist regarding her discomfort while observing a struggling new student in her yoga class.  The quotes that irk me the most? “A few weeks ago, as I settled into an exceptionally crowded midday...

Musician • Yogini • Mommy

Parenting isn’t easy, everyone tells us that.  Now add that to being a (semi) professional musician and you have a really fascinating challenge. I started my musical career in my 20’s.  My ska punk band Agent 99 landed in the “almost famous” category.  My bands Brave New Girl and Dubistry have won global critical acclaim and we’re...

Every Day is Like a Holiday

The end of the Gregorian calendar brings a lot of the world into a celebration and contemplation. What did we do well? What will we do well? Each day is technically the beginning of a new year, so why wait? Reinvent yourself every day.

Finding Peace at Sivananda Yoga Ranch

Your body temple Sacred, breathing, chanting, still No idol chatter

What I Learned From Fasting

A few months ago I fasted for 24 days. And I LOVED IT!  Yes, there was weight loss, but beyond that, I learned a lot about myself and my body in the process.

Rastas and Sadhus

I was three years old when my mother introduced me to yoga.  She was taking classes in school and brought her practice home both to improve on her own asanas and to calm the three little energy pockets that made every day a new and exciting challenge.  My brothers and I took to different aspects...

My friend Ari – this one goes out to you

When I first met Ari Up, she had just begun her return to power. It was the turn of the century. My husband, Aram and I were at Wetlands backstage at a ska show, featuring my frenemies the Slackers. Surrounded by graffiti and stickers from every band who played there, including my own, Marq Lyn...

Welcome to dubYoga

The World is Sound.  When you think about it, everything around us is made of vibrations.  Every subatomic particle moves with its own frequency.  People spend their whole lives trying to live in harmony with these frequencies.  As we reorder the atoms and, in essence, make new arrangements in our universal songbook, we need to...